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Full Stack Engineer

Edgar Carrillo

Hey there! My name's Edgar. I'm a Humboldt County, CA based Full Stack Engineer.

I'm a problem solver, dog lover, orange juice drinking Software Engineer! I'm always interested in hearing about new project ideas and how I can help make them a reality.

Have something for me? Feel free to email me directly or fill out the contact form below!


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My Skills

I started programming years ago when I jumped into college with C++ where I learned the fundamentals of programming. From there I was hooked. After work, I'd spend my free time coding straight into the night going through a program called The Odin Project where I learned the basics of HTML & CSS up to React and Firebase.

I wanted to push my skills to the next level and through grit and determination was able to graduate from Hack Reactor, an Advanced Software Engineering Immersive that pushed me to my limits. I came out of the program refining the skills I knew and gained new ones.

These skills are only a few of many I know! And it definitely won't stop here.

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Styled-Components
  • MongoDB
  • Tailwind
  • Express

What I've been up to

I've been called a busy body by people and I have to agree with them. I always have a project brewing in a repo or ideas firing off in my brain. Feel free to take a look at a few of the projects I've created.

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    Full Stack Engineer - UI Owner


    A food ordering app, done tinder-style, that allows users to swipe right or left on restaurants, alone or in a group. View dedicated Restaurant pages along with the menu, and much more!

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    Full Stack Software Engineer

    Fun with GPT-3

    Play around with AI and ask it anything! Whatever you ask will be projected LIVE to any user using the application! Your results will vary based on the engine you choose when asking a question.

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    Frontend Engineer


    Through timeblocking, using trello with my team, and following AGILE best practices - I was able to create a product details page with a RESTful Back End that surpassed client expectations.

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    Backend Software Engineer


    A Back-End system redesign for the products module of a legacy e-commerce API with 5+ million database entries with average query times of 1000ms+ per request. Converting the Monolithic service into dedicated micro-services.

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    Full Stack Engineer

    Rumble Remake

    A full remake of Rumble that takes the foundation of the original product and extends it with Restaurants near the user, actual group swipe mode, and much more!

    Coming Soon

Let's Get Started!

If you have any questions, need a developer, or just want to connect, feel free to reach out to me through this form or directly through my email below.